yacht for sale in Antalya

yacht for sale in Antalya

Yachting and yacht ownership in Antalya, Turkey is one of the popular hobby and investment options in recent years. With its beautiful weather, stunning coastline and one of Turkey's most beautiful ports, Antalya is a great option for yacht owners.

Yachts for sale are generally available in Antalya in the form of motor yachts or boats. Motoryachts are ideal for luxury and comfortable travel, while boats offer a more sporty and active yachting experience. Yachts are usually designed with two or three cabins and some may also include additional rooms for guest accommodation.

Prices of yachts may vary depending on their size, make, model and features.

The costs of owning a yacht may include maintenance and repair of the yacht, port fees, insurance. In addition, fuel, food and passenger costs should be taken into account during the use of the yacht.

We serve as ÖZ Yacht Broker to find a yacht for sale or sell your yacht in Antalya. When buying a yacht, it is recommended to carefully examine the technical specifications, safety and maintenance of the yacht.

All in all, a yacht for sale in Antalya is a great option for those looking for a yachting experience. With its beautiful weather conditions, magnificent coastline and ports, Antalya is the perfect yachting destination for yacht owners. However, the costs required to own a yacht are taken into account